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Drumstick leaves are packed with rich nutrients, Everybody knows!
This leaves thuvayial is very delicious when it has with hot steamed rice and ghee. Let us know how to make this thuvaiyal!
Drumstick leaves  one cup  Shredded fresh coconut one cup Fried gram one cup Garlic pods peeled off three Tamarind one gooseberry size Jaggery one piece Salt needed Asafoetida one pinch Red chilly three nos Curry leaves one sprig Sesame oil one tablespoon
Heat the pan with oil and add red chilies and drumstick leaves. Add coconut grates, fried gram, tamarind, jaggery, salt, asafoetida, curry leaves, garlic pods. Saute for  five minutes. Set aside to cool down. Blend the fried ingredients together with adequate water. Let the paste is in coarse texture. Have it with hot steamed rice and one spoon of ghee and enjoy!
So delicious! You will love to have more and more !