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Broad beans are rich in calcium and fiber.They are very delicious when they cooked as porial. Well combined with curd rice. Its Tamil name is Avaraikkai.
How to make yummy avaraikkai porial?
Broad beans/avaraikkai 250 gms Shallots peeled and chopped half cup Green chilies two Curry leaves one sprig Split urad dal one spoon optional Turmeric one spoon Groundnut oil one tablespoon Mustard seeds one spoon Shredded coconut one cup Coriander leaves chopped half cup Salt to taste
Wash the broad beans and cut both ends. Remove the thick nerves both sides of the beans. Chop them into small pieces. Peel off the shallots and chop them. Split the green chilies. Heat the frying pan with oil. Add mustard seeds to splutter. Followed by shallots, green chilies, curry leaves. Add turmeric. Saute for few minutes till the shallots turn transparent. Transfer the beans and sprinkle required salt. Add adequate water to the beans. Close the lid and cook until the entire water absorbed in a mrdium glame. Check …