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This is Super nutritious and delicious omelette with high protein content.
It can be served as perfect lunch box food.  Superfood to everyone. it is made in a jiffy.

Eggs two nos Mysore dal cooked with drumstick tender leaves Salt to taste Bellary onion one finely chopped one cup Coriander leaves finely chopped one tablespoon Oil or ghee to smear Pepper one spoon Shredded carrot one
Wash the eggs several times and wipe them. Break the eggs and pour into a dry bowl and check,  if any shell bit into it. Beat them with a spoon until the yellow yolk and white yolk combined well and frothy. Add salt and pepper and beat again. Peel off the carrot and shred into gratings. Add the carrot gratings and mix well. Add the cooked dal and drumstick leaves with roasted cumin powder. Add onion and coriander leaves Mix well. Smear little ghee over the dosa pan. Heat the dosa tawa and pour the egg mix into a circle. Cover the circle with the lid. Cook for a while until it set on a medium flame. Remove t…