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The red kidney beans are otherwise called as Rajma in India. It is an excellent protein source. They are fallen in low glycemic index food and o has carbohydrates. It is also a fantastic fiber content. It prevents hypertension because of its potassium and magnesium present in them. Sine it provides sustained energy level throughout the day,  it is consumed as a pre-work out option. we can combine the Rajma beans with cereals or vegetables to enhance the nutrition value.

In our kongu kitchen, we are making it in our traditional way as Rajma and Brinjal Curry for hot steamed rice for Lunch.


Rajma 100 gms Baby brinjals 6 nos Shallots one cup garlic pulses three Tamarind one marble size Coriander powder one tablespoon Turmeric one spoon Tomatoes four medium size Red chilly powder one tablespoon Cinnamon stick one Cloves two Poppy seeds one spoon Fennel seeds one spoon Star anise one Asafoetida half pinch Salt to taste Adequate water Sesame oil cold pressed two tablespoons Mustard seeds one spoon Fe…