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The cow peas are used to make Arisiyum paruppum one-pot meal. This is much appreciated by the kongu folks because of its high nutritional values. It is the rich source of iron and potassium.
It is a special and quick fix meal in our homes. Easy to make and simple and delicious too.
We can make this meal with dal lentils such as green whole gram, Cowpeas, toor dal and pea nuts.
how to make arisiyum paruppum saatham using cow peas?
Par-boiled ponni rice two cups cow peas 150 gms shallots chopped half a cup garlic pulses four green chilies two cut curry leaves one sprig tomato one medium size peanut oil 10 ml mustard seeds one spoon cloves five Turmeric powder one spoon Sambar powder one tablespoon cinnamon sticks two broken cumin seeds one spoon mint leaves one sprig
Salt to taste
Mix the cow peas with rice and wash several times. Soak for half an hour. Heat the pressure pan or pressure cooker with peanut oil. When the oil gets heated, add mustard seeds. Allow to crackle. Add shallots and …