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Horse gram is known by various vernacular names in the different states of India. It is termed in Hindi as Kulthi, In Tamil,  Kollu, In Telugu Ulavalu, In Kannada, Uruli, In Oriya, Kalatha, In Gujarati, Kadhi ni dal . The plant of horse gram is indigenous. They are also found in Africa, Malaysia, Australia and the West Indies.Tropic and subtropic climates are suitable for their abundant growth. 

They are widely used in medicinal reasons for treating numerous health disorders such as rheumatism, worm, Conjunctivitis and piles. They have astringent and diuretic properties.
They are believed to maintain the body heat. 
They support the loss of weight. 
They help to lower cholesterol levels.
They are said to be beneficial for treating peptic ulcer, menstrual problems, cough and cold, jaundice, flatulence and treatment of kidney stones.
They are beneficial for pregnant ladies to increase their blood count.
It is good for diabetic people.
They edible lentils are used for preparing various dishes of…