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Cucumber is great veggie to lose weight. The high water content and low calories make it as a perfect contender on the weight loss diet work plan. The consumption of cucumber is regulating the uric acid, preventing the bladder stones, and acting as diuretic and cleaning agent removing wastes of the body.Cucumbers are well known to cure the skin disorders such as sunburns and bags under the eyes.

When combined with coconut oil, it works as an excellent cure for blackheads, acnes, and boils. Due to the presence of vitamins A, B and C regular consumption of cucumbers result in a healthy and glowing skin.

An interesting fact is cucumbers contain a high amount of vitamin K which is necessary for increasing bone mass and promoting the osteotrophic activity of the joints.

Another important matter we have to learn is this vitamin K is the best remedy for limiting neuronal damage in the brain in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

We choose the cucumbers fresh in this hot summer because these a…



Neem flowers and buds one Spoon
Buttermilk four cups
Salt to taste
Turmeric one spoon  (small)
Coriander powder one spoon
Cumin powder one spoon
Chilly powder one spoon
Asafoetida one Pinch
Shallots one cup
Red chilies two
Curry leaves one sprig
Cilantro leaves chopped half cup
Ghee one spoon to fry
Dry ginger powder half spoon
Sesame oil one tablespoon
Mustard seeds One spoon


Heat the vessel or pan with sesame oil
Add mustard seeds to crackle.
Once it starts to crackle, add shallots, red chilies, curry leaves.
Switch off the flame.
Now add all powders and saute a while.
Pour the buttermilk and add salt.
Heat the tempering pan with oil over a medium flame.
Add dried neemflowers and buds and fry for a second.
Transfer the fried contents over the buttermilk.
Garnish cilantro leaves over the buttermilk.

Now the yummiest buttermilk is ready to have with hot steaned rice.