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Watermelon is a surprising fruit having wonderful properties.Not only the red colored pulp but also the rind of the watermelon is also nutritious and healthy.
The most delicious part of the watermelon is the pink or reddish pink pulp loved by all but the white part like cucumber, the whole thing is edible. The green scraps that are usually thrown into the waste bin.

If you try to lower your blood pressure, try to eat watermelon rind also. It is diuretic and cleanses the kidney.
We can make use of this rind portion of watermelon for preparing various dishes. 

How to make watermelon rind gravy?


The white portion of the watermelon chopped into cubes
shredded coconut one cup
Coriander powder one tablespoon
Cumin seeds one spoon
Pepper half spoon
Shallots five or six
Garlic pulses three
Ginger one piece
Fried Bengal gram half tablespoon
Ajwain seeds one spoon
Fennel seeds one spoon
Curry leaves one sprig
Karam masala powder one spoon
Red chilly powder half spoon
Green chilly one
Coriander leaves c…