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Cow buttermilk is a body coolant and rich in calcium and B1 It is a delicious drink once we make it with the mixture of lime juice, asafoetida one pinch, ginger, cumin seeds, salt to taste, rings of green chilies and curry leaves. There is an another different spicy version that can not be resisted by the family members. It is a healthy drink and may be gulped few more glasses by the kids and adults, even elder people.

That is the beetroot buttermilk! Make the difference!
This buttermilk is going to make your hot days more refreshing as well as nutritive goodness. As you already aware that the beetroot supports the increase of blood flow and even lowers the blood pressure.
Now, we are going to make the beet buttermilk!
Beetroot half Peeled off and shredded half cup Ginger one piece peeled off and grated one spoon Salt to taste one spoon Asafoetida one pinch Cumin seeds one spoon Fresh buttermilk  500 ml or curd two cups. Green chilies two chopped as fine rings using scissor Tender le…