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Urad dal is a high source of protein. It is a healthy lentil that is rich in iron. This iron of urad dal helps to boost the energy level in the body and keeps you active whole day around.This is particularly good for women who have in need of iron. It also contains folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium. In our homes, we use urad dal in our regular diet for making idlis, dosas, oothappams, vadais, jelabies, bondas and so on. We use the urad dal with skin in every diet and breakfasts.
Vitamin B is also rich in this lentil. It is said to be good for skin. and anti-aging properties. Its regular consumption brings a fair and flawless skin 
apart from these appreciable qualities, black lentils have an advantage that is linked to the richness of magnesium and folate levels that boosts the cardiovascular health. It increases milk secretion to lactating mothers. It is good for growing female children to promote bone development and muscle strength.
Here, we are going to make delicious black g…