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Curry leaves are packed with fiber, calcium, phosphorous iron, magnesium, copper and minerals. It also contains various important vitamins A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, nicotinic acid and antioxidants, amino acids and flavonoids.. Most of us throw the leaves away while eating our curries, gravies, soup, and vegetable porials and kuzhambus. 
Curry leaves are good for eyesight since it contains high amounts of vitamin A. They stop diarrhea. It fights against cancer. It is good for healthy hair growth. It supports liver protection. It lowers cholesterol. It cures gastrointestinal defects. Scientists prove that curry leaves are radioprotective and chemoprotective.
It is scientifically termed as Murraya Koenigil.  We use in cooking for its unique flavor and taste.
They are used in herbal medicine. also.
We are going to make curry leaves tamarind gravy that is being stored in dry glass jars for one week.

Curry leaves tightly packed in Three cups Tamarind one gooseberry size Jaggery…