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This is a traditional kind of food that fills the stomach and very delicious and nutritious meal.

This kind of rice is packed with iron and other nutrients.

We are going to make this upma for today's breakfast!😃😊😍😄


Red maappillai chamba poha flattened rice/ aval 250 gms

Shallots 12 nos
Green chilies 4
Curry leaves 10 nos
Ginger and garlic gratings one spoon
Bush beans 10 nos
Medium size carrots 2 nos
Lemon juice one spoon
Sesame oil one tablespoon
Salt to taste
Mustard seeds one spoon
Turmeric half spoon
Water as required


Bring to boil 4 cups of water.
Pour few drops of sesame oil and one spoon of salt.
Wait for a while until the salt dissolves.
Add aval/ poha/flattened rice.
Set aside until the aval/poha gets soft texture.
Peel off the carrots. Remove the fibre along the sides of the bush beans.
Chop them. Grate the carrots.
Chop the shallots and gree chillies.
Grate the ginger and garlic
Squeeze the poha through a siever.
Let all the water drain away from poha/aval.
Heat the w…


Amla pickle is one of the best accompaniments of the curd rice, buttermilk rice. Moreover it is a good nourishment by having richness of vitamin C and dietary fiber. Daily intake of considerable amount of amlas in any form will give best results to stroke patients, weak children and adults.

How to make amka pickle?


Amla/indian gooseberry/peru nellikkai 15 nos
Red chilly powder one tablespoon
Fenugreek powder half a spoon
Salt to taste
Asafoetida one pinch
Sesame oil one tablespoon
Mustard seeds one spoon
Asafoetida one pinch
Curry leaves one sprig
Urad dal one spoon
Half a cup of water


Wash the amlas and cook for eight minutes with water and salt.
Heat the wok with oil.
Add mustard seeds
Once they start to crackle add curry leaves.
Switch off the flame to avoid burning.
Add asafoetida,fenugreek seeds powder, Red chilly powder mixed with water.
Add salt.
Allow boiling for few minutes.
Finally add the deseeded amla wedges.
Let all the ingredients boiled to get p…


The beans are the high source of dietary fiber that is acting as good laxative. Green beans contain an excellent source of vitamin A and health-promoting flavonoids. Raw bush beans are otherwise known as snap beans that are tender, long, stiff but flexible and give snap sound when broken.

Avoid over matured beans with tough skin.
How to make this yummy, fibrous, green porial?
Bush beans/snap beans 200 gms Shallots 10 nos Green chilies two Sesame oil one tablespoon Mustard seeds one spoon Chana gram one spoon Whole urad dal one spoon Curry leaves one sprig Turmeric one spoon Shredded coconut one cup
Wash the beans and chop them removing the fiber along the sides of the beans.
Peel off the shallots and chop them.
Slit the green chilies.
Heat the wok with oil over a medium flame.
Add mustard seeds to splutter.
Add urad dal and chana dal.
Add shallots, green chilies and curry leaves.
Sprinkle turmeric.
Saute for a second until the shallots turn translucent.
Now transfer the chopped beans a…