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There are so many versions of this famous south Indian snack called as MURUKKU.
Here is the interesting version of preparation of murukku using potatoes.
It can be done with very few ingredients such as cumin seeds, ajwain seeds, pepper powder, salt, potato boiled and peeled, raw rice flour and asafoetida.
Easy to make!
Let us move to the preparation method using necessary ingredients.
Potato big size one Raw rice flour two cups Asafoetida one pinch Pepper powder one spoon Ajwain seeds one spoon Cumin seeds one spoon rubbed One spoon of oil (optional) Salt to taste Water required Sesame oil to deep fry
Wash the Potato and pressure cook it for three whistles.
Set aside to cool down.
Peel off the potato and chop it.
Blend the potato with half a cup of water.
Take two cups of raw rice flour, ajwain seeds, asafoetida, rubbed cumin seeds, salt, pepper powder and required water.
Transfer the blended potato to the remaining ingredients and knead into a non-sticky mass.
Heat the oil to the r…