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Here is the nostalgic accompaniment for hot steamed rice and chappatis, idlis and dosas and other south Indian dishes!

This is an all time favorite for kongu folks. They love to eat field fresh, raw groundnuts with jaggery. They enjoy the raw peanuts cooked with shells. They sundry the ground nuts and they roast the peanuts with shells with sand in a mud pan. The kids and adults enjoy the nutty nuts by breaking open the shells. These peanuts are the wholesome snack. 
Nutritional information of these raw nuts:
One cup of raw peanuts contains 828 calories. They are enriched with the high profile of protein. They are rich in fiber 10% and saturated fat 12%They are the good source of copper, vitamin E Vitamin B1 and folate.  It supports tissue health and good for the cardio vascular system.
                                                                                                                               Source google.
Kongu folks, hailing from the agrarian family enjoy as staple sna…