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Irukeerai kootu/Double greens kootu is an authentic Kongu dish. Sparing in its use of greens, this dish relies on the high nutrient value of Vitamin A, C and K, magnesium iron and manganese in the greens. The greens strengthen our bones, eyesight and boost our immune system. They promote our heart health. Vitamin C in spinach is known to have the ability to prevent wrinkles and prenatal health problems and cardiovascular diseases. The Greens keeps us energized for our day to day work schedules. When they cooked with lentils, they make an amazing food.

How to make this amazing dish?
It is easy to make using the simple method and this dish is irresistible!


Salt half a spoon
Green chillies 2  Curry leaves 10 Onion one chopped Mustard seeds half a tsp Tomato half Ivy gourd leaves 100 g Indian Spinach 12 leaves Dal 100 gm Masoor dal or toor dal 100 g( I used masoor dal for this dish) Peanut oil one tablespoon


Wash and rinse masoor dal with required water and cook with turmeric hal…