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New video on Youtube from Kongu Traditional Recipes!  Do watch, Dears!
How to make this soft and fluffy idlies?
The name MAPPILLAI SAMBA RICE itself signifies that the red rice is much good for new bridegrooms. This is the traditional rice is packed with Vitamin B6 and Magnesium that are important for the maintenance of the healthy nervous system and strengthened muscular system. This rice is not only for bridegrooms but also everybody at no age bar. It doesn't demand any fertilizer and pesticides.  !00% organic grains followed by the traditional processing techniques to maintain its natural nutrients.

This red rice is loaded with good dietary fibres and strongly associated with a host of health benefits as follows:
Heals stomach and mouth ulcers. Develops stronger muscles and nerves. Supplies instant energy. Increases haemoglobin contents in the blood. Good for diabetic people since it has a low glycemic index.
So the addition of Mappillai samba rice in our regular diet is necessary. Readi…