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Watermelons are packed with numerous nutrients and high water content. Summer is shooted up. So, we have to keep ourselves hydrated and refreshing throughout the day. Watermelon is not only tasteful but also very filling and healthy also. Watermelon fruit boasting of high lycopene content,  it is a good support for weight loss.
Moreover, the fruit is said to promote heart care, Kidney care, heat stroke relief and normalize the blood pressure. This fruit consists of 94% water, dietary fibers, lycopene, potassium and lot of nutrients. It also carries beta-carotene that has anti-aging properties that keep us active and young, It contains vitamin C to reduce cholesterol and keep the heart more secure. The phytonutrients present in the fruit maintains eye care. It cleanses and cools our body. How to make succulent watermelon crush?
Watermelon fruit 700 g Lemon fruit a half Ginger grates 1/2 tsp Icecubes 20 pcs Sugar 1 or 2 tsps optional
Cut longitudinally and crosswise  take o…