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Carrots are the best source of antioxidants to strengthen the immunity.
Our elders are always emphasizing upon the carrots in our regular diet to improve the eye vision. It is said that the best use of having these veggies is in its raw form to get the essential nutrients that it is loaded.
Vitamin A Booster Fixed antioxidants. Anticancer quality Immunity Booster Heart-friendly For glowing skin Maintenance of cholesterol and blood sugar levels
How to make this nutritional juice?
Fresh Carrots 250 gms Honey 25 ml Homemade Rosewater 50 ml Ice cubes 20 pcs Cold water 300 ml
Wash and peel the carrots using a knife. Grate them. Place the carrot grates, honey, Rosewater in a mixer jar. Add 200 ml cold water and blend them together for 10 seconds. Strain the mixture to a glass jar. Press to squeeze the remaining juice.  Add 100 ml water again into the strainer. Let the entire juice out.
Now fill the glasses with four ice cubes. Serve chilled.
You can get 6oo ml juice out of 250 gms carrots with…