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Omapodi/Ajwain Sev is an all-time favourite snack to everyone in Tamilnadu.  The flavour of this snack is loved by all people. Moreover, it is a healthy snack as well as very crispy and crunchy jar-stocked snack. It is a time-tested recipe and still continues to make the people satisfied in the way of stomach-friendly and adults friendly.   Omam means Ajwain or Carom Seeds in English. Hence its name OMAPODI.

The crispy snack is easy to make with a host of few ingredients. It is also considered as a Diwali snack. Always it is stocked in many Tamil homes to delight the guests and regular tea time evening snack.

How to make this traditional snack?

Ingredients what we need:

Besan flour or Chickpea flour 250 g
Raw rice flour 50 g
Asafoetida one pinch
Ajwain powder 1/2 tsp is enough to enrich the snack with flavour.
Groundnut oil or any oil to deep fry 500 ml
Salt  1/2 tsp
Water 250 ml


Bring all the ingredients including water in a mixing bowl.
Knead a dough that is sticky.
Heat the pan with o…