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CRUNCHY KHARA BOONDI - a beautiful video is going live on YouTube channel..
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The versatile savoury variation of the droplet sized crispy treat is called as Khara Boondi.

There are two important conditions to make this lovely tiny balls:

Make sure, your Oil is perfect hot enough. Drop a few little droplet sized batter into the hot oil. If it comes up to the surface immediately, the oil is ready to deep fry the Boondis.

Once your first batch of boondis is fried, wash your perforated ladle and wipe well. Grease the oil on both sides of the ladle and use for the next batch. Otherwise, you cannot get that perfect round and tiny ball-shaped boondi.

Cooking Time 15 minutes

Yield: Out of 350 gms flours, you can get 350 gms snack.

How to make?


Besan Flour 250 gms
Raw rice flour 100 gms
Asafoetida 2 pinches
Red chilly Powder 3/4 tsp
Butter 25 g
Salt 3/4 tsp
Cooking Soda 1/8 tsp
Water 200 ml
Curry leaves 25 pcs
Oil to deep fry 500 ml


In a mixing bowl, add be…