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A refreshing Apple Milkshake is the much-needed energetic drink on hot and sweltering noon of Summer!
Apple milkshake has the good amount of vitamin A, B6 and C
and minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Manganese and Iron.
Apples are the relatively good source of fiber.

Easy and quick to make in just a few minutes.

It is quite a simple and fast way for the moms to make it in the busy mornings. Also, it is so comfortable and convenient to have on the go. Especially for kids, working women, Milkshakes are comfort breakfast and this is the smart way to include fruits in their regular diet.

How to make this?


Three apples
500 ml  Cold Milk
2-3  tablespoons of honey
8-10 Icecubes
1 Tablespoon of Pistachio flakes


Wash the apples thoroughly.
Peel off the skin.
Note that the apple tends to change into brown colour and so splash water every time, you cut the apple for juice or milkshake or any other dish.
Remove the seeds and the central portion.