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This fascinating Mutton Biriyani calls for perfectly measured ingredients and well-practiced tricks. Aromatic indigenous spices play a crucial role in dishing out the nice Biriyani. Lemon lends this exotic Biriyani its tangy effect. Instead of meat chunks, we use small meat pieces.

The unique rice used in this Biriyani is Seeraga Samba  Rice. This rice is small grains similar to cumin seeds. Hence this name.  Cumin Seeds are called as Seeragam in Tamil.  The small ovular grains are harvested typically in August to January every year. It has a nice fragrance. Seeraga Samba fetches higher cost than all other variety rice grown in Tamil Nadu. Don't miss this delicious taste of this rice!

How to make the most perfect biriyani?


Goat meat 400 gms
Seeraga Samba Rice Aged and non-parboiled (Raw) 300 gms
Ghee 2 Tbsps
Groundnut Oil 1 Tbsp
A fistful mint leaves
A fistful of Coriander greens
Ginger 25 gms to be grated
Garlic pods 2  to be grated
Lemon a half
Cinnamon Sti…