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This unique version enhances the taste of main dishes like Idlies, Dosas and Oothappams and took them to another level. It fulfills all the flavor profiles.

How to make this tasty chutney that goes very well with almost everything?

Bellary onions peeled and chopped 3 pcs
Dry Red Chillies 3 pcs
Young and fresh Curry leaves 50 pcs
Garlic Cloves 6 pcs
Tomato medium size one
Asafoetida 2 pinches
Powdered rock salt 3/4 tsp
Dry roasted Groundnuts a handful
Tamarin. a marble size
Jaggery, a small bit
Groundnut Oil 3 tbsps


Fry all the ingredients in groundnut oil until the onion turns transparent and tomato cooks mushy.
Set aside to cool down.
Grind to a coarse paste.
No need of water.

That's it!

Cooking Time 10 minutes
Servings 4.persons