Instant Home Remedy Tips

Do you know that there is an easy and instant

 remedy in your kitchen for your stomach  upset due to indigestion or overeating?

One spoon of ajwain seeds makes your entire digestive system comfortable...

Just chew one spoon of ajwain seeds and swallow and drink one cup of hot water or warm water.

You will feel instant relief and it will settle the discomfort once and for all..!

Amazing instant remedy...!

no need of hajmola..! no need of Gelusil ..!
No side effects..!
So Give it a try..!


Best spices for rainy days and cold seasons:

 A Decoction of coriander seeds, pepper, cardamom, ajwain, thippili(long pepper), dry ginger (coarse powder )cures cough, cold and congestion.

Please refer the immune boosting tea in the blog and consume during the monsoon and winter season and enjoy every drop of raina and mist with no worries about getting sick.

Eat Tulsi leaves, karpooravalli leaves with hot water to soothen sore throat and control dry cough.


Amazing nutritional information of Cow Ghee:

we, in the kongu tradition, add ghee to the dal rice, idlies, greens, Thuvayal and so on

Regular intake of the ghee supports better brain activity.

It has antiviral and antifungal properties that strengthen the immune system.

Ghee contains antioxidants which give the best protection from free radical damages.

It is amazing to know that the cow ghee is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids as well.


Golden milk(Turmeric milk)

This is a traditional home remedy for severe cold,  cough with phlegm and so on...

It is well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is used to relieve swelling and pain of the soring throat due to severe cold or throat infection.
Moreover, it is called as masala milk due to its taste.

How to prepare this yellow milk?


Cow milk 200 ml
Pepper powder half spoon 
Turmeric powder one spoon
Cardamom three pods crushed
Cane sugar one spoon
Cinnamon powder half spoon
Honey one spoon


Blend all the ingredients together until smooth.

Pour into a vessel and bring to boil.
Serve hot..
Continue to drink at night for three days, daily.
It heals the throat and breaks the phlegm.
This treatment has been followed from the ancient times by our grand mother's generation to generation. A simple and amazing home remedy ..!


is it possible to achieve shiny and abundant black hair ?

from a lustreless and dry hair(due to chemicals in water/shampoo)?

to prevent hairloss? 

to get rid of dandruff?

 Yes. Possible!!!..


cold pressed coconut oil (Purchase organic cold-pressed coconut oil always..)

The organic(cold-pressed) oils are now available in all the grocery stores and online stores also.

Manjal(yellow) karisalanganni leaves with flower buds  cleaned and washed two cups

White karisalanganni leaves with flower buds cleaned and washed

two cups

Curry leaves one handful

Fenugreek seeds one spoon


Blend the karisalanganni (both) leaves with one spoon of water in a mixer into a fine paste.

You will observe the paste to be dark green (blackish) coloured.

Heat the organic coconut oil in a medium flame.

Transfer the paste into the oil.

It will start producing bubbles with a sizzling sound.

Let the oil get heated for some more time until the bubbles become very small and the sound ceases.

Add Curry leaves and fenugreek seeds.

Stir slowly.

Let the curry leaves be fried to a crispy texture.

Wait until the entire green paste changes into pale green colour.

Make sure not to burn the paste due to overheating. Be careful.

Switch off the flame.

Keep aside to cool.

Strain the oil using a fine and dry cotton cloth in a dry bowl.

While you prepare this medicinal oil, a special aroma spreads inside the home.

An aromatic, greenish karisalanganni( Bringaraj is the Sanskrit name for karisalanganni herbs) oil is ready to use.

Miraculous benefits of karisalanganni oil:

Karaisalanganni is named as Bhringaraj in Sanskrit and has been used from the time immemorial. 

In Kongu region, the people were aware of amazing benefits in using it externally as well as internally.

It helps in reducing hair fall and accelerate hair growth abundantly.

It prevents premature greying and helps in rejuvenating the hair.

It makes the hair thick and lustrous.

It prevents dandruff and other hair infections in the scalp.

Massaging this oil on the scalp improves the blood circulation that promotes healthy hair growth.

It strengthens the hair from the root.

Since this oil is capable of cooling, it helps to relieve stress by massaging gently on the scalp.

Collect the greens from the vendors and start growing in the pots and trays in your kitchen balcony.

Make your own oil and get rid of this hair fall and attain the shiny and abundant black hair!

Step by step image tutorials for your reference:




How to make PURE ROSE WATER in our home, using panner roses?

You can make your rose water or Panneer in your home! 
The rose petals must be freshly picked. Pesticides or chemicals should not be used to grow the rose plants.
Petals and stamens should be used.
There are two colours of the roses used to make Rosewater.
One is Andra Red rose and the second one is the Paneer rose.


10 Paneer Roses and three Andra roses.
Mineral water three cups


Collect the rose petals in a bowl.

Wash the petals to remove the insects and dust.
Bring to boil the water.
Add rose petals.
Reduce the flame to simmer.
Allow steeping in the low flame for twenty minutes.

Wait until the rose petals turn pale white color and the water turns colorful.
Remove from the flame.
Set aside to cool.
Strain the water and fill the dry bottles.
Observe the result of the fragrant Pink colored Rose water!

Keep it tightly closed in the refrigerator and use whenever you need. The Refridgerator will elongate the shelf life. Moreover, the chilled rose water is always liked by all.
It is better to use for two weeks. You can make the rose water twice in a month.

 Let us unlock the Benefits of using rose water!

It is a natural skin tone. We wash the face with this rose water often to beat the summer. It calms the skin and gives cool comfort.
Soak the cotton pads in the rose water chilled and keep them on the eyes and this application cools the eye and helps to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes. Doing this method every night before going to bed for10 minutes will give the amazing result!
Thus it acts as a refresher and beauty product.
It is a good hair toner also. We can use it by applying on the hair and works wonder on the scalp.
The most incredible beauty remedy for the ladies, having the dry skin is, the natural oils present in the rose petals moisturize from the deep within and enhance the face glow.

Pamper your skin in a Rosy way!!!!

Thuthuvalai rasam, an instant home remedy to cure cold cough and throat infection!

It is highly nutritious and healthy to consume Black Raisins soaked in water
Dried Black grapes/Black raisins

The shrivelled black raisins are the powerhouse of intense nutrients. They are packed with full natural sugars and that boost up the energy levels.  They are rich in minerals such as iron, Calcium, Potassium so that one can trust the black dried raisins to gain the energy and strength of physique.

Consuming the raisins in their raw form or in desserts is the common practice But When it is soaked in water overnight and then eating them in empty stomach, the vitamins and minerals in raisins are dissolved in water and the antioxidant property is also get boost up.

Eating one handful of soaked raisins in  every morning has the following advantages:

It regulates blood pressure since it contains Potassium. Raisins are high dietary fibre content, they act as the best laxative and ease constipation.

Raisins are richly loaded with Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Consumption of Raisins strengthens our immunity system.

Raisins are having a considerable amount of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous thereby improve the bone strength. 

Iron, the most important mineral required for the production of red blood corpuscles and increasing the blood supply and keep anaemia at bay.

Raisins contain antioxidant properties that protect 
chronic illness such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

They have a low glycemic index although they have natural sugar.

Grapes contain resveratrol, lutein and zeaxanthin that may protect against common eye diseases including age-related macular degeneration, cataracts and glaucoma.

Take one handful/30 gms of dried black raisins( available in all grocery market/departmental stores, naatu marunthu kadaigal).  Soak in 50 ml boiled water overnight. The raisins swell into grapes within 8 hours.
Drink the soaked water in an empty stomach and consume all the soaked raisins. 
 do this procedure for 48 days and acquire its wonderful benefits.

One of the most renowned properties of soaked raisins is to instigate the proper bowel movements and act as natural laxatives and maintain the health of the whole digestive system of our body.

source: google


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