Incredible greens

Greens /keeraikal are  the storehouse of nutrients and healing components. They are extremely important in our regular diet. The greens are the healthiest and most filling options one can choose.
They can be simply incorporated into meals we cooked.

Researches prove that green foods are the great source of poly nutrients and have remarkable healing powers.The powerhouse of greens contains dietary fibers and other nutrients that are revitalizing our health incredibly. 

Some greens heal ulcers of the digestive organs of our body.

Some greens treat  severe jaundice.

Some work on the nervous system and stimulate the proper activity.

The body's metabolism is increased by indulging the greens to check the weight control.

They support the immune system.

Some contain iron, folic acid and treat anemia.

Few greens strengthen bones and regulate the cell growth.

Easy and simple modifications in our food habits including adoption of a diet rich in greens can 
cherish the health excellently.

In this page, we read about the greens that are consumed in our regular food and its medicinal properties and natural boosting qualities.

I' ll be satisfied, if you, the readers know the benefits of greens and add the greens in your regular diet..

This is an informational page that elaborates the nutritional and healing profile of the greens that we used in cooking. 


Drumstick leaves or moringa leaves are used widely by South Indian people in their regular diet.
The south Indian mothers cook the greens with dal or porial and fed the family members. They practice the soup of moringa leaves to the elderly and their kids. These greens are being used and consumed from the ancient times. They know the medicinal and health benefits of moringa leaves and pass the nutritional and medicinal benefits to generation to generation.

Drumstick leaves and almost all the parts of the tree are beneficial to us. They are rich in protein and amino acids. Our body needs 20 amino acids to a good health of the body. The moringa leaves are having all the amino acids we needed.

They are rich sources of antioxidants, potassium, Vitamin A, C, B3, B2, iron and magnesium.
Beta-carotene or vitamin A in the drumstick leaves is four times when compared to the content of vitamin A in the carrots. Frequent consumption of the leaves in our diet cures blindness and the overall well being of the eye.

Health benefits of drumstick leaves:

Drumstick leaves are good for the lactating mothers. When the mothers add this greens in their regular diet, the milk production is increased . Generally, the iron content in the leaves is a natural supplement to all the people. Hence, it is good for anemic patients.

The people who have the problem of sexual weakness are advised to consume drumstick leaves and drumstick pods in their regular diet.
It treats nerves weakness.
It is good for healthy hair growth.
It is a good blood purifier.
It is a good healer of wounds and ulcer.

Moringa greens are  antioxidant,  anticancer, antifungal, antiviral, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, antibacterial,  expectorant, stimulant and antispasmodic.

Dwarf Copper leaf greens:

The Dwarf copper leaf herb is termed as Ponnanganni in Tamil. The reasonable word Pon Am Gaaneer means Gold. You should have an idea how our ancestors admire this herb as it is so precious one. 

Botanical name: Alternanthera sessilis belonged to the family Amarathaceae. In Sanskrit, it is termed as Meenakshi mathsyakshi, in kannada, is known as Vanagone sappu, in telugu, it is called as Poonnaganta kura.

Once you collect this plants leaves you can cook the greens with lentils like toor dal, mysore dal and moong dal . 

It is strongly believed if the ponnanganni leaves are consumed continuously for 48 days it helps to give golden glowing complexion, cool and beautiful eyes with beautiful black hair. 

The greens fried in ghee and cooked with lentils will give strong stamina to the slender or weak persons.

Consumption of ponnanganni greens will increase the production of breast milk for lactating mothers.

It boosts the proper function of liver, chronic piles problems.

It maintains the balanced heat of the body.

You can combine with any other greens like karisalanganni , vallarai  to cook with lentils. It promotes health miraculously.

We must grow this herb in our kitchen garden or in pots of kitchen balcony for the instant and fresh supply.

We can propagate the nodes of the plant into a fresh new herb in the pots with care and watering.

I am growing this herb in my kitchen garden. 

Do refer the Ponnanganni-moongdal curry, Ponnanganni greens porials in the page of kongu traditional recipes.


There are two types of the herb White and yellow karisalanganni. It is known as Bringaraj in Sanskrit belonging to the family Asteraceae. 

The white and yellow herbs are more important in the siddha and ayurvedic medicines. The white karisalanganni is available in moist areas  identified as the weeds, whereas te yellow is found rare. But it can be easily propagated. If the yellow variety is found in the market or sold by the street vendors, you select fresh nodes and plant them in a pot or garden and water regularly. It will grow within seven days. You will get a fresh supply. 

Scientific name of white karisalanganni is Eclipta prostrata. In Hindi, it is called as Bhungra/Mochkand whereas in tamil it is termed as Karisalanganni. 

Medicinal information:

It is a specific herb to treat jaundice.
It is good for healthy and abundant black hair.
It is said to protect the eyes by treating te night blindness and other eye related problems since it as high profile of carotene.
It secures inflammation of liver and regulates its function.. 
It expels intestinal worms and cures cough and asthma.
It heals ulcers.
The yellow karisalanganni is very good for skin and eyes.

We use these greens in cooking and attain te utmost medicinal and nutritional benefits. 
Manjal karisalanganni and white karisalanganni herbs are having enormous health qualities when we consume them internally and use externally.

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