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Meet  Mrs.Sulo Sundar, chef,  author,  photographer,  editor , gardener,  legal professional  and  the web designer behind this blog , KonguTraditionalRecipes.

It provides yummy. highly nutritional, instant and easy cooking methods.The blog explores the cuisine of kongu region.

I, Mrs.Sulo Sundar, a legal professional, who loves cooking, gardening, painting, besides my legal assignments.This blog is dedicated to mothers of Kongu tradition who have created an art of magical recipes which are both mouth-watering and highly nutritional.

In this modern era, it is very hard  to prepare nutritional food in an available time-limit, it is essential to maintain the tradition and health, the reason being an addiction to various entertainment and fast foods which have been proved to be deleterious to our physical and mental health.

It's also been proved time and again that cooking increases ENDORPHINS (happiness chemical) in our brains, hence helps dealing with depression and work induced stress to a greater extent than watching movies and losing sleep.

This blog is an effort to help the modern woman and of course, the modern man, who wants to prepare yummy, healthy and easy to make recipes from Kongu cuisine, without wasting much time in her/his busy schedule.

There is another proven way to increase the release of  your brain endorphin levels - GARDENING ,for which I have a first-hand experience in my own home garden. I have cultivated various vegetables and herbs, fruit plants in an organic way, without any fertilizer or pesticide. I have another blog dedicated entirely for this, http://shreemeetsyouhere.blogspot.com/http:// shreeshomegarden.blogspot.com.  If you have time and interest, do check out the above these blogspots.

You can find a variety of recipes for which there is no hard and fast rule for the spice and salt. You can make little modifications here and there according to your taste(taste is a habit, isn't it?)

This blog gives you the SIMPLEST ways for preparing our traditional food with the AUTHENTIC taste.

If you have any query about the recipe or doubts if any, you can mail me at sulosundarblogs@gmail.com  or  in the comment section . which will give me the motivation to keep sharing recipes and also get to learn from you.

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