Friday, 25 August 2017


This is an instant sweet with nice taste.


Jaggery powder 250 gms
Bengal gram 150 gms
Cardamom pods 7 nos
Pea nut oil to deep fry
Wheat flour 200 gm
Rice flour 50 gm
Cooking soda half spoon
Water to mix the flours as idli batter.
Salt half spoon


Pressure cook bengal gram with one cup of water for two whistles.

Drain water if excess.

Grate or break jaggery (urundai vellam)or jaggery powder 250 gms
Grind the cooked bengal gram, cardamom
 and jaggery powder into coarse paste.

Pour one tablespoon cow ghee and make lemon size balls.

Mix the wheat flour, raw rice flour, salt and cooking soda with required wate to make idli batter consistency.

Heat peanut oil to deepfry temperature.

Dip the bengal gram balls and drop one by one.

Dip the bengal gram balls into the batter and drop the balls one by one.

Allow deepfrying Until the balls turn golden brown.
Collect them in a tissue papee to absorb excess oil from the friums.

Serve hot!

This sweet can be offered to Lord Ganesh during shri Vinayakar Sathurthi festival.

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