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This is an authentic South Indian dish normally made as breakfast or dinner. It is a highly special dish in a special feast served to the newly married couples in all of our homes. It acquires lot of work and serves yummy dish to us..

It is having carbohydrates, iron in jaggery we use for sidedish and coconut used in this recipe is helping to reduce obesity, prevent the heart diseases and having dietary fibers.


Ponni boiled rice three cups

Jaggery 200 gms
Coconut gratings two cups
Dry ginger one spoon
Cardamom 6
Ghee or gingelly oil optional one spoon


Onion chopped one tablespoon
curry leaves one cup finely chopped
Red chillies four as needed
Coriander leaves finely chopped
Ginger (peeled off and shredded) one spoon
Tomato finely chopped one medium size
Turmeric one pinch
Cloves three
Mustard seeds one spoon
Urid dal one spoon
Cooking oil one tablespoon


Soak the rice for three hours and grind with a little salt to enhance taste into a smooth paste  and the batter will be collected in a vessel.

Pour the batter into Idli moulds and steam it for 7 minutes.

Squeeze the idlies into thin strands through the Press machine  in a fitted vessel 

Keep aside.

Add two cups of water and bring to boil.

Add Jaggery.

Grind the coconut grates , dry ginger, cardamom together with water needed in the mixie jar.

When the consistency of jaggery syrup becomes thick, add coconut mixture into it.

Stir well to mix evenly and allow to boil for a while.

Remove it from flame.

Divide equal halves of rice strands. The one-half strands are used plain for sweet syrup we prepared.

The remaining half of rice strands are used in spicy sevai.

Heat the cooking oil and add mustard seeds and urad dal to splutter

Add onions, red chillies broken, curry leaves and ginger

Add turmeric.

Add tomato pieces.

Add little salt required

Sim the flame and allow to cook the tomatoes to a certain extent. Meanwhile the.

Rice strands should be made short sevai by adding gingelly oil and sprinkling of little water.

Add this Remaining broken strands of rice.

Saute well with coriander leaves.

Spicy tomato Santhagai is ready.


These greens are called as manathakkali keerai in Tamil nadu and have many English names i.e., blacknight shade, sunberry, and wonder cherry. The botanical name is Solanum nigrum.
We do love the porials and kootu and many cuisines with these leaves and green raw fruits and inky black berries.

Medicinal values:

The leaves give strength to muscles and improve the vision
They reduce the urinary infections.
They have the best medicinal cure mouth ulcer and all ulcers of digestive system wonderfully.

Ingredients :

Toor dal one cup cooked with a pinch of turmeric.
Manathakkali keerai chopped two cups
coconut grates one cup
cumin seeds one spoon
garlic three pulses
onion pieces half cup
green chillies two or three
curry leaves one cup chopped
cooking oil one tablespoon
mustard seeds
turmeric one pinch


Heat the cooking oil in a vessel.
Add mustard seeds to splutter
Add onions,  gren chillies, curry leaves.
Add a pinch of turmeric.
Add manathakkali keerai pieces.
Allow to cook for a while with little salt.
Add the cooked dal smashed and one cup of water.
Add required salt.
Grind the coconut grates, cumin seeds, and garlic pulses into a paste.
Add into the cooked greens and dal.
Saute to mix well.
Allow it to boil for a second.
Remove from the flame.


The cooked dal will be divided into two portions i.e.,.3:1 proportionately.
Grind the roasted cumin seeds and
pepper seeds into a coarse powder.
Add garlic grates.
Heat a cooking gingelly oil.
Add mustard seeds
Add curry leaves, and red chillies broken
Sim the flame.
Add asafoetida one pinch.
Add the thick extract of tamarind and boiled tomato.
Add salt and jaggery.
Allow it to boil.
Add dal mixed water.
Allow it to boil.
Rasam is also ready.

Serve the Manathakkali kootu and rasam combo with hot rice.

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