Friday, 26 May 2023

Thursday, 4 May 2023

Carrot Orange juice

Home made Orange carrot Juice otherwise named as Sun Juice is made with a fresh Orange fruits and fresh carrots.It is so refreshing and and natural pack of nutrient value. During the scorching Summer days, it is highly appreciable to consume home made healthy juice for all to keep us refreshing and hydrating.

Absolutely yes, the vibrant appealing colour and natural flavours of carrots and orange blend each other to give the most delicious drink that provide an array of vitamins and minerals together.


 I use fresh Nagpur Oranges and freshorange coloured carrots to make this incredible juice. For sweetness, I added honey. Some icebubes for chillness. Do refer the following short one minute video.


Nagpur Oranges 3 pcs

Fresh Carrots 4 pcs medium size

Honey 25 ml +1 tbsp

Ice cubes as per your choice


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