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Black eyed pea/Cow pea is also known as chawli/lobia in Hindi, bobbarlu in Telugu. It is oval creamy white bean having a black eye. It is utilized for preparing various dishes to obtain outstanding health benefits to obtain fiber folate along with an excellent supply of iron and essential minerals and vitamins.
The botanical name of cow peas is Phaseolus Aureus. They might be simply cooked with salt and tempered with onions and green chillies and mixed with coconut grates coriander leaves as an wonderful evening snack to the elders and children to get their essential protein and iron. 
It is cultivated throughout the world because of its incredible health advantages as follows:

1. Subordinates cholesterol level

2. Abundant with anti oxidants that guarantees curbing of the cancerous cells         within the body.
3. It is verified as a good accessory for  the weight loss diets.

4. Great for diabetic conditions since it  has high fiber contents. Flavanoids in         cow peas also defend agai…


Pearl millet is known by the name of Kambu. This millet is used by our ancestors. It is enjoyed as a regular meal  by the farmers of Tamil nadu. Especially Kongu people are very conscious about the cooling effect of the Pearl millet during summer season. In the hot summer, this is the favorite food of the Kongu people. They know its medicinal and nutritional values traditionally. It was educated by our ancestors and its importance is being passed the generation to generation in the Kongu regions.
Now Bajra or pearl millet is recommended by many dietitian and nutritionists because of its various health benefits. 

100 gms of Bajra or pearl millet contain the following nutritional components such as 

Protein 12 gm
fat 5 gm
mineral 2 gm fiber 1 gm carbohydrate 67 gm
calcium 42 mg
Phosphorous 242 mg
iron 16.9 mg

and also have phytochemicals that lower cholesterol, antioxidents, plenty of fiber, folic acid, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, vitamins E and B complex, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin, It i…