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Ridge gourd is quite lower in saturated fats as well as calories.It is really abundant in dietary fiber, vitamin c, riboflavin, Thayamin,iron as well as magnesium. It is an excellent blood purifier and boosts the liver health and bile; antiinflammatory and anti biotic; It manages the impact of the working ability of the stomach. The consumption of this veggie is very natural method of eleminating intoxins from the entire body. Particularly, it has beta carotene which is recognized as an ehnhancer of eyesight. enriched with 18 % of calcium and 26 % of  phosphorous. The skin of the ridgegourd should not be removed while using to make recipe. The ridges of the ridge gourd should be trimmed off to use the entire soft pulp with seeds. Dont waste the ridges which contains the same nutrients of the pulp. You can make ymmy thuvaiyal that suits well with hot rice, idlies and dosas.

The chutney or thuvaiyal made from the skin is very tasty and highly nutritious. Please check the preparatory steps…