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Finger Millet is a good source of  iron and calcium. It is introduced by our ancestors from  the very ancient period of years. Kongu folks are consuming this wonderful grain in various versions of cooking. Ragi Kali, Ragi Dosais, Ragi Idlies, Ragi Rotis, Ragi vadais, Ragi Pakodas and Ragi Idiyappam.. During the harvesting season, the green finger millet had been roasted in fire in the dry land itself and rubbed in hands and enjoyed by the youngsters and adults. It has an amazing taste with milk like extract and an exclusive flavor.
We will learn how to make ragi idlies here.
Ragi is available in all departmental stores. I will recommend you the Meroon color ragi always.

Red colored Ragi 250 gms Urad dal 50 gms Salt required

Clean the Ragi and allow to dry in sunlight. Blend the ragi in a mixer. Sieve and again blend. Sieve again. You will get entire fine flour. Soak urad dal for one hour and blend into a smooth paste . Mix well with ragi flour and water required. Add urad …