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Do you know about Palm jaggery? Does it find an important place in your regular diet? If then, how do you use it? Stay with me for a while to know about the nutritional benefits and how to use in sweets! Palm jaggery adjusts our body health automatically and offers relief from both blistering summers and chilling winters. 
There are amazing properties of palmyra jaggery listed below:
1. Rich iron in palm jaggery increases haemoglobin level and best treatment for anaemia. 2. High antioxidant content helps to protect the body cells from damages caused by free radicals. 3. It is equally rich in calcium, potassium and phosphorus. 4. It activates the digestive enzymes and helps to cleanse the intestinal tracts. 5. It is an energy booster since it has essential minerals so it is called as store-house of many                   vitamins. It helps to wipe  out the toxins from our body leaving you a healthy and fit. 6. Since it contains full of dietary fibers, it treats against constipation and indigest…