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Try out this variation of Idlies..! Sometimes we get bored of idlies with side dishes. At that time we think over to make Idlies in different variation named idli upma. It is an interesting alternative for usual Idlies. We can make  idli upma with special blend of spices using fresh idlies. 
How to make Idli upma?
Fresh idlies  Four Sesame oil one spoon Bellary onion one Red chillies three Curry leaves one sprig Cilantro leaves chopped half cup Mustard seeds on spoon Chana dal one tablespoon Turmeric half spoon Asafoetida half pinch Cashews 8 nos Cooking oil one tablespoon
Pour one spoon of sesame oil and little salt is added since the Idlies already have salt. Cut the onions.  Split the red chillies Heat the wok with cooking oil over a medium flame. Add mustard seeds and wait to crackle Add onions, red chillies, curry leaves and chana dal and turmeric. Saute them in a low flame. Then transfer the idli crumbles into the tempering wok. Stir well until all the ingredients mix together. Sti…