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I already posted the version of Celosia Argentia/pannaikeerai plain kadaisal. This version is pannaikeerai dal mashy. The green pannaikeerai is named as silver Cock's comb in English. We can cook any variety of green with dal. It tastes well and goes incredibly with hot steamed rice/any millet meal with ghee.
Let us make this dal green kadaisal ...
One bunch of Pannaikeerai/Celosia Argentea/Silver cock's comb Mysore dal/Toor Dal half cup Green chillies three Shallots one cup Cumin Seeds one spoon Cooking oil one tablespoon Salt required Mustard seeds one spoon Curry leaves one sprig
Pressure cook dal. Wash the greens and cut into pieces with the help of scissors. Cook the greens with shallots, green chillies, cumin seeds,  turmeric and salt required. Five minutes are enough to cook the greens. It should not be overcooked. Green colour retains with the five minutes cooking over a medium flame. Keep aside to cool down. Blend the cooked dal and greens in a mixer jar for a …


Raisins Halwa is one of the rich and delicious sweets of South India during the festival times. The raisins are made from the grapes by the process of drying in sunlight or driers .
The health facts of raisins include the recovery of the diseases such as constipation, anemia, sexual dysfunction, obesity, acidosis, blood pressure as well as its positive impact on eye care and dental care and bone strength. Raisins form an important role in the diet of athletes and body builders who need  the powerful booster of energy or for those who want to put on weight without accumulating unhealthy cholestrol.
They are finely packed with amino acids, vitamins C, minerals such as phosphorous and selenium which facilitates the absorption of nutrients in the body. They give a great immunity power to the body. It modulates the level of sugar in the body thereby reducing the emergencies caused by  diabetes
Since it contains the considerable amount of iron , B complex and high copper contents help in the ma…