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Rava dosai is a perfect quick fix breakfast or evening tiffin with tea. No need of fermentation. The traditional tempering and quick mix of  chopped curry leaves, cumin seeds, chopped cilantro leaves, asafoetida and peppercorns make excellent flavour and taste of Rava Dosai. It is indeed a delightful breakfast to the children and everybody.
Find the method of making instant Rava Dosai as follows:
Three cups of Semolina one cup of Dosa batter/Idli batter left over Two teaspoons of pepper Two teaspoons of cumin seeds Tender curry leaves one cup finely chopped  One pinch of asafoetida Cooking oil to fry and drizzle dosais Salt as needed Water required about five cups 
Combine leftover idli /dosai batter, salt and  semolina with required water. Keep aside for half an hour. Heat the cooking oil in a small tempering pan and add cumin seeds, pepper and curry leaves and asafoetida. Allow to crackle over a medium flame. Transfer them to the prepared batter. Add chopped coriander leaves a…