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Millet ragi is a highly nutritious, loaded with calcium, proteins, iron and minerals.  Rich in fiber content with very less unsaturated fat, thereby makes it as a perfect meal for weight loss. It is a powerhouse of health for the treatment for diseases like aneamia, osteoporosis and diabetes. Dietary fiber in ragi aids in digestion. Proven to work wonders in bringing down the blood cholesterol level for heart health.  The vital amino acids in Ragi help in anti ageing and relaxation. A great resource of nutrition for lactating mothers.

Now we move to make delicious ragi vermicelli upma quickly..


Ragi vermicelli 300 gm
One tablespoon sesame oil
Shallots or bellari onions chopped half cup Green chillies three Ginger grates one spoon Mustard seeds half spoon Urad dal one spoon Curry leaves seven leaves Cilantro leaves finely chopped


Soak ragi vermicelli for one minute and drain the water completely. Spread the soaked vermicelli in idli mould and steam for five minutes.

Meanwhile, …