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This is an authentic main dish , tasting amazingly with butter, karumbucharkarai or cane sugar and cauliflower curry. It is highly nutritious because of its ingredients of high protein and minerals.


Drumstick tender leaves two cups
Idli rice 200 gm
Toor dal (traditionally treated with red soil)
Bellari onion chopped one cup
Curry leaves ten
Red chillies four
Salt to taste
Asafoetida one pinch
Cumin seeds one spoon
Fenugreek seeds one spoon


Wash and soak rice, toor dal, red chillies and fenugreek seeds for one hour.
Grind all the ingredients i.e., rice,toor dal, onions, curry leaves, asafoetida, red chillies, drumstick leaves, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds and salt into a coarse batter.

Keep aside for three to for four hours.
Heat the tawa and pour the batter on the tawa to a thick circle.
Sprinkle oil all around the adai.
Flip over and wait for golden brown colour and crispy on both sides.
Remove from tawa.
Collect in a dry plate.

Ready to serve.

Murungai keerai adai can be have with butter and cane sugar.
Coconut chutny or any kuruma may be the wonderful combinations.


Ridge gourd curd pachadi is a coolant and refreshment side dish. It is going very well with steamed rice.

We never miss ridge gourd in our vegetable basket. We always maintain the availabilty of this soft vegetable.

There are so many versions of cooking this vegetable. This is very delicious to eat with rice.

Lets move to make this quick fix veg pachadi.


Ridge gourd one.
Curd one cup
Mustard seeds one spoon
Cumin seeds one spoon
Ginger grates one spoon
Cilantro leaves half cup
Curry leaves few
Shallots finely chopped half cup
Green chillies two
Turmeric half spoon
Asafoetida half pinch
Two spoons of sesame oil.
Salt to taste.


Peel the ridges and cut the ridgegourd into cubes.

Heat the pan with oil over a medium flame.
Add mustard seeds to splutter.
Add shallots, green chillies, curry leaves.
Add turmeric.
Tranfer the vegetable cubes and add salt.
Sprinkle one tablespoon of water.
Allow to cook in low flame for five minutes.
Switch off the flame and set asideto cool.
Mix the asafoetida, ginger grates coriander leaves and little salt.
Combine the cooked ridge gourd ground paste with curd.

Green ridge gourd curd pachadi is readi to serve.

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