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This semi solid porridge is prepared with the equal proportions of the broken boiled rice, dry roasted whole green dal, dry roasted deskinned urad dal, any vegetable like carrot, beans, green peas, bottle gourd and ridge gourd cubes. Addition of one spoon of cuminseeds gives the mild flavour to the porridge.

Pressure cook the rice and dals with two whistles. Keep aside to cool. Cook the veggies with turmeric, salt and cumin seeds.
Mash the cooked vegetables or blend in mixer.
Add the veggies and mix with the porridge.
Add half spoon of pepper.
Check the salt. Add if needed.
Serve in cups.

It is good for the sick members of the family. It nourishes and it is easily digestable and serves as a complete diet for them. Quick and simple breakfast.. any side fish like thuvayal or spicy pickles pair up with this yummy food.


This hot drink is recommended to their beloved ones who suffered from common cold, continuous Cough with phlegm, sore throat or respiratory problems by elders of every home in Tamilnadu.

Medical treatment with tablets and injections might be a temporary cure, but the allopathy treatment does not eradicate the chances of sicking again. Thatswhy our elders always advise us to consume the turmeric milk to treat ourselves during the onset of winter.
This milk boosts our immunity; relieves us from common cold and cough; detoxifies our body; It cures joint and muscle pain due to the cold climate.; Cures sinus congestion. 
Turmeric is a miraculous rhizome for curing the ulcers, respiratory problems. It is dried in sunlight and powdered. This turmeric powder is restored and used for cooking, bathing and in home remedies.


Cow milk 200 ml
Turmeric powder one spoon
Cane-sugar or jaggery powder one tablespoon
Cinnamon sticks two
Coarse pepper powder one spoon
Cardamom pods four-crushed seeds


Bring to boil the milk.
Add all the ingredients and blend well.
Serve hot
This milk is so delicious and all of our beloved peoples love to have. We can add almond milk extract from soaked almonds (25 gms). Almonds enhance the taste and nutrition. This yellow milk serves as the best care taker and nurse the sick people of cold and cough related diseases.
Miraculous, in deed...!

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