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A Perfect thick masala mushroom gravy suits as an extraordinary side dish for hot steamed rice, idlies, dosais and other south main dishes as well as north Indian special roties, chapathies phulkas and poories.
The health benefits of mushrooms include relief from high cholesterol. breast cancer, prostate cancer and diabetes. It also supports to weight loss and increases the strength of our immune system. I hope that you know the miraculous beneficial effects of mushrooms. They are edible fungi with various scientific name Agaricus. There are so many species which are having more potential values with high lean protein content. Mushrooms are a good source of iron and over 90 % of nutritive iron, amino acids etc.
Milky white mushrooms are sauteed in spicy masala. When you taste this masala kuzhambu, you will go crazy to have more and more intake. You can't wait to try it out yourselves. The perfect blend of masalas and milky mushrooms makes its fantastic taste.
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This delicious crispy candy is made with deskinned peanuts and jaggery. This is very famous and favourite brittle in our area. It is available in all the departmental stores, any grocery store and even in petty shops. It is liked by the children and adults unconditionally. This candy can be made in our home. The preparation is so easy and quick.
Roasted groundnuts 500 gms jaggery 400 gms ghee to grease cardamom powder half spoon optional
Rub the groundnuts (Should be fresh and genuine nuts) Clean the skins and collect the genuine and good quality nuts in a bowl. Melt the jaggery with two cups of water and heat the syrup to two string consistency. Meanwhile, grease the plate with little ghee. Pour the syrup into the bowl containing nuts. Mix well quickly. Spread the nuts with jaggery in the greased plate evenly. The mixing process should be very fast otherwise, the mixed contents will get tightened. Wait for few minutes. Cut the contents with sharp knife deeply. Remove the recta…