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White karisalanganni is termed as Eclipta Prostata in Botanical world. There are two important varieties of this species which are grown in marshy areas of Tamilnadu during the rainy season. The nutritional values and medicinal properties of this herb are highly admired  and used by the people. One is having white flowers and another species consists of yellow flowers. Even the leaves are also different. 
You can purchase these greens in the market. Nowadays people are learnt about the medicinal values of the greens and herbs and they begin to use them in culinary part of their life. They feed their kids and parents by cooking in their home.
This herb is familiar for the treatment of jaundice. The herb rejuvenates the liver and improves the secretion of bile.
Another important property is the protection of eyes from night blindness and other eye related problems.
It is good for skin, eyes, teeth and hair. 
It heals the ulcer. 
Regular intake of these leaves of karisalanganni strengthen the i…