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Carrot moongdal kootu is pairing well with steamed rice, chappathies and roties with few spices. It is a very simple recipe and quick fix side dish.

How to make?
moong dal 50 gm carrot one  shallots 6nos curry leaves 10 nos turmeric one spoon green chilly one or two cumin seeds one spoon mustard seeds one spoon sesame oil one tablespoon castor oil three drops half tomato salt to taste
Cook the moong dal with turmeric and castor oil Note: Never cook moong dal in a pressure cooker. Cooking in a vessel in an adequate quantity of water in a medium flame first, after get boiled temperature, cook in a low flame for just ten minutes. Don't leave the kitchen and care should be taken not to burn. Peel off the carrot and grate. carrot gratings 3/4 th cup is sufficient. Add tomato pieces along with cooking lentil. After cooking is complete, add carrot grates. Heat the tempering wok with sesame oil. Add and allow mustard seeds to splutter. Add shallots, curry leaves and green chillies. Saute fo…