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A fascinating dinner MUTTAI SANTHAGAI from  Kongu's kitchen ! This protein rich dinner can be made easily.

Ponni boiled rice three cups Adequate water  Salt to taste

Procedure for santhagai
Soak the boiled rice for four hours  Wash the rice several times and add salt. Grind into a fine consistency.
Pour the batter into the idli slots. Steam them for eight minutes. Remove the idlies and make strands using santhagai press. Repeat the process until all the batter exhausts . Boil the eggs  Break the shell and cut the eggs by the knife and chop them again Set aside..

How to temper santhagai?

Bellary onion (finely chopped) one Red chilly powder one spoon Green chilly one or two of your choice. Curry leaves two sprigs Lemon one Sesame oil two tablespoons Turmeric half spoon Asafoetida one pinch. Boiled and peeled eggs four Cilantro leaves Pepper powder one tablespoon Mustard seeds one spoon Santhagai six cups


Egg kuzhambu is a delicious side dish cooked in spicy masala ingredients and coconut gravy. It is an easy and nutritious dish liked by all. Before we go to learn how to prepare egg kuzhambu, we must know the nutrient values of eggs enriched with spices and coconut gravy.
Eggs are incredibly nutritious. Eggs are considered to be one of the best sources of protein available. The eggs are a rich supply pf long chain of Omega 3 fatty acids which helps in the maintenance of brain function and normal vision.It lowers risk of heart disease. They are inexpensive too but packed with such a full protein contents.
The list of nutrients that can be found in eggs are as follows:
Vitamin A maintains the skin immune system and normal vision. vitamin B2 riboflavin aids energy metabolism, red blood cells, vision and the nervous system. Vitamin B12 aids energy metabolism, red blood cells, the immune system. Vitamin B5 aids energy metabolism and mental functioning. Vitamin D keeps bones and teeth healthy and ai…