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Pine apple kaesari is a quick and easy sweet that everyone can do smartly. Here are the smart tricks to be followed to get the finest result.
White semolina/suji 75 gms
Sugar 75 gms
Ghee three tablespoons
cardamom three pods
Lemon yellow kaesari colour half pinch
Adequate water 3 cups
Pineapple cubes 3/4 cup
Raisins 8 nos
cashew bits (optional) one tablespoon


Heat the frying pan with one tablespoon of ghee over a medium flame.
Roast the rava in ghee with a continuous stir until the rava gets cream white colour.
Transfer the roasted rava in a dry plate.
Bring to boil water with a half pinch of kaesar colour powder.
Add one spoon of ghee to the boiling water(This trick is to prevent the lumps).
Add rava using a spoon and give a rotatory stir continuously.
Allow to cook the rava for a few minutes in a low flame.
Blend the pineapple cubes into a smooth pulp.
Add to the rava cooked.
Stir gently.
Now add sugar.
The mixture gets loose and begins to combine with rava.
Give a good stir raising…