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Drumstick flowers and buds three cups Tender drumstick leaves one cup Coconut gratings half cup Salt to taste Curry leaves 8 nos Red chillies three split Bellary onion chopped half cup Asafoetida half pinch Turmeric powder one spoon Sesame oil half cup Mustard seeds one spoon Moong dal one tablespoon
Clean the blossom and buds. Remove the stick of tender leaves. Heat the frying pan with sesame oil over a medium flame. Add mustard seeds to crackle. When the mustard seeds start to splutter, add moong dal. Followed by the onion, red chillies and curryleaves. Saute for a while. Add turmeric. Transfer the flowers, buds and tender leaves. Give a good stir till the leaves and flowers shrink. Add salt and adequate (say 75 ml of water) water. Close with the lid. Allow to cook till the water completely absorbed. sprinkle asafoetida and shredded coconut. Stir well until all the ingredients combined together.
Yummy drumstick flowers stir fry is ready. It goes very well with dal, rasam and Curd/buttermi…