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Carrot kheer is so delicious to have and easy to make. 
Even Kids do this in a jiffy.

Carrot four nos Sugar 50 gms Milk two cups
Almonds 10 nos Cashews and raisins one tablespoon Cardamom four Cow ghee one tablespoon
Peel off the carrots and cut into  small pieces.
Bring to boil the two cups of water and add 10        
almonds and carrot pieces.
Allow to cook for five minutes.

Set aside to cool.
Peel off the almonds.               

Blend the carrots and almonds into a coarse         

paste in a mixer.

Add sugar and allow to combine together.        Once the mixture gets thickened, add the                     
remaining milk and give a stir.

Fry the cashews and raisins separately in the       ghee.

Transfer the cashews and raisins to the boiling
carrot milk.

Add the crushed seeds of cardamom to the milk.

Now the Yummy carrot kheer is ready to have😊