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Coconut appam is a kind of spongy pancake combines excellently with coconut jaggery milk and vegetable stew. 
Shredded Coconut three cups Raw rice 250 gms Par-boiled rice 250 gms Coconut water one cup Urad dal half cup salt to taste Adequate water
Wash the parboiled rice and raw rice and urad dal few times and soak them together for four hours. Then grind them with coconut gratings, coconut water and salt into a smooth batter. Collect the batter into a bowl. Close with the lid and allow to ferment overnight. Next morning, Mix well. Heat the appa pan and scoop the ladle-ful of the batter and pour in the centre of the appa pan. Lift the pan with both ends, and give a good rotation so as the batter will spread in a circular motion and settles in the middle with the thickness. Close the appam with the lid and wait for few minutes.  You will notice the appam becomes milky white and lacy.  Take out the appam and collect in a hot pot.
How to make coconut jaggery syrup?
Shred the coconut a…