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Here is a flavourful chutney for Idlies and hot steamed rice! I  want to say one thing. This yummy chutney preparatory method is learnt from my cute daughter in law.


Snake gourd seeds 15 nos
Shredded coconut one cup
Hybrid tomato half
Chana dal  one cup
Urad dal one spoon
Asafoetida one pinch
Tamarind gooseberry size
Jaggery a small piece
Red chilies four
Curry leaves 12 nos
Salt to taste
Garlic pod three nos
Shallots one cup
Sesame oil one tablespoon
Coriander leaves chopped one cup


Remove the seeds with pulp from snake gourd.
Deep fry the seeds along with pulp in sesame oil.
Set aside.
In a separate fry pan, fry all the above items one by one.
Set aside to cool down.
Blend all the ingredients with deep fried seeds.
Add adequate water.
Check the salt and spice.
Add if needed as per your taste.

Snake gourd chutney is wonderfully paired with idlies, hot steamed rice with the one spoon of ghee.
I love this chutney very much with idlies and rice. 
Do try it!