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A meal prepared from unpolished rice is delicious and highly nutritious meal having all minerals and fibers and vitamins, all contents we need for our health. This rice, a whole grain which retains 100 % of its bran, germ and endosperm constituents. The outer layers (bran) and the germ or embryo of hand pound rice are rich in protein, fat, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals whereas inner endosperm is rich in starch.

Due to modern milling technology, the hand pound process is being vanished. During ancient times the people were consuming the hand pound unpolished rice

so that they have the potency and were brisk in all over the day.

Nowadays the people are aware of the hand pound unpolish rice and they begin to search this rice in all grocery stores. So the different varieties of unpolished hand pound rice are available all departmental and grocery and online stores. Now the hand pound rice is an important staple food in our regular diet.

How to make this yummy meal that combines very we…