This is one of the century-old kongu meals.  


Pressure cooked dal with turmeric and castor oil two drops) Three cups
Drumstick leaves three cups
Mustard seeds one spoon
Tomato two diced
One cup water
Salt half spoon 
Cumin seeds
Onion chopped one tablespoon
Green chillies two
Curry leaves  10
Cold-pressed peanut oil one tablespoon


Wash the greens and chop the leaves using scissors.
Pressure cook the Toor dal 75 gms (adding turmeric and two drops castor oil)
Heat the pan with oil.
Add mustard seeds to splutter
Once it starts to splutter add onion, green chillies and curry leaves.
Saute for two seconds
Add tomato greens
Saute until fine aroma smells
Add one cup water and salt
Transfer the Toordal contents
Give a good stir.
Allow boiling for 8 minutes on medium heat.
Now add cumin seeds and mix well.

Drumstick greens Dal Mix (stew) is ready to enjoy with hot steamed rice and one spoon of ghee!


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